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Welcome to Deep River Sallie Robinson Ward

Sallie Robinson Ward, Ph.D., LPC combines psychology with spiritual perspectives to support personal transformation and the restructuring of consciousness. Her twenty-five years of experience involve a unique blending of work with traditional and nontraditional healing modalities - psychotherapy, energy medicine, yoga, education, earth wisdom and rehabilitation counseling. Sallie's Degrees in Rehabilitation and Special Education enabled her to teach independence in Miami and New York City to adults and children faced with vision loss and blindness.

Growing up in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Sallie became intimate with the natural world. Since then, she has studied with shamans from around the world, to further develop the profound realization of untamed wisdom. Since moving to Boulder in 1990, she has taught and continued to develop an in-depth knowledge of integrative psychotherapies and energy medicine which address struggles and issues in a whole person approach, a lively way which includes physical, psychological and spiritual aspects.

There are new methodologies which are efficient and very effective in supporting the natural tendency of the brain and nervous system to release old patterns or injuries in order to return to health and balance. Extensive scientific research is proving that the brain has natural "plasticity" which allows it to restructure and reorganize. These resullts have profoundly impacted the field of psychology because it validates our capacity for neural pathways to change. This is great news! Lasting change is not wishful thinking but documented fact. It enables you to attend to interference and blocks which have developed from early experiences of loss, neglect, abuse and by involving the deep brain, find new ways of creating lasting change in perception, connection and self esteem. What is unconscious comes into a level of awareness in the present, allowing you to integrate into an experience of wholeness.

Breakthroughs in psychotherapy and energy medicine allow you to focus completely on the things that matter to you in order to bring about change, insight and growth.

My work is based on the principles of Hakomi, non-violence, body/mind interface, energy medicine, EMDR/ Brain Spotting, Body Talk, Gestalt, PACT Couples Therapy, and equine facilitated principles.