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It is in intimate relationship that we find love, as well as patterns of withdrawl and or control that tend to reveal the deeper source of limits to intimacy. The pain of being close yet estranged is one of the most isolating and desperate experiences in life. Often we find ourselves blaming each other because this experience only happens in relationship. Usually the truth is our early relationship imprints are coming forward for attention and healing.

My work with PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy), The Hendricks institute, Pairs seminars, sacred sexuality training, pre and peri natal birth issues, Non-violent communication, marriage encounter, and family systems enables me to support you to engage deeply with places that feel stuck, repetitious and deadening to your love and connection, and to transform not only yourself but your relationship as well.

As a couple you can come to experience each other with compassion and engage with one another to help heal the old stories of pain in relationship. By connecting in this way you experience tools where communication is based on underlying needs. Through this inquiry into who you are with your partner, you can experience the power of supporting one another as allies rather than struggle with protection, opposition or blame.

We learned to hide, protect or defend, often perceiving our vulnerability as weakness. Here, you will explore how those places can reveal old developmental struggles, and experiment with how to use your relationship to heal them rather than repeat them. There is not a more powerful teacher than intimacy because so much shows up in these relationships, and gratefully your bond is the place that allows healing to finally occur.

Couples find an environment here for exploration that is both dynamic and powerful.
You become allies in your life partnership. We will work with the attraction that drew you together in the first place and discover how that has unfolded into challenges from the past, and hope for the future.