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Psychotherapy Sallie Robinson Ward

In life, we are constantly changing even though we may feel very stuck at times, watching patterns repeat endlessly. We are always in the cycle of birth, transformation and death. In that process, we can evolve into greater states of consciousness or cycle into what feels limited, painful and powerless.

My work incorporates the neuroplasitcity of the brain or the ability of the brain to grow beyond injury or limitation. I use methods that support brain and neurological re organization through body/mind approaches, energy medicine, EMDR, Brain Spotting, personal mythology, and spiritual or shamanic counseling.

In our work together, with the above in mind, I become an ally in the discovery of your own evolution (expanding or contracting), which becomes dynamic with your active participation. What seemed unconscious becomes conscious, malleable, vital, and changeable.

In your willing participation, you can welcome changes with courage, like giving birth, you keep moving when it seems overwhelming or intense. Not unlike a wilderness guide, my training and experience allow me the capacity to skillfully meet you as you navigate through impasses of confusing beliefs, spiritual dilemmas, emotional avalanches, or lostness.

My life experience and education blend into a dynamic, efficient and profound form of psychotherapy which is multidimensional and interfaith.

I strive to create an environment of healing which is respectful, playful and skillfully supported by in-depth doctoral study, professional experience, and personal growth.


"Sallie offered me a profound space to do some radical exploration of my self and my soul. Sallie's capacity to follow, witness and gently guide my experience in ways where I felt safe, unconditionally held, supported, and trusted in my own healing allowed me to go anywhere I needed to go."


"I feel that Sallie is very skilled and compassionate around her deep work with issues around birth and death. I was able to discover in my body my reasons for living, my own strength and integrity to face the depth of my longing for wholeness, power and passion for life that was locked under faces of fear or anger. I was able to access a profound guidance and strength inside of myself which translated outside of therapy into life in a way that enhanced my life on many levels."


"I saw Sallie for individual therapy for several years. She helped me a great deal over that time and with a great many things.  In the past, I have had trouble trusting and connecting with therapists, but from our first meeting on I felt that I could trust Sallie and that she would help me. I sought her out at first because of her focus on somatic therapies, which turned out to be highly beneficial for me. I was able to work through my concerns and trauma issues on a much deeper level and in a more thorough way than I ever had previously through simple talk therapy.  Sallie is both knowledgeable (about a great many things) and intuitive.  I learned a lot from her about healing and relationships. In our sessions, I really felt that she “got” me.   I learned so much about myself and I highly recommend her"


"Dr. Sallie helped me heal through depression and anxiety that I had struggled with off and on throughout my life and that I had remembered since childhood. She helped me a lot with setting boundaries in my personal and professional relationships.  For much of my life, I struggled with self-confidence and with a consistent feeling that there was something wrong with me. My work with Sallie changed this a great deal – much more than I had ever though possible. At one point, I really wanted to leave my job, but was afraid to move on. My work with Sallie was instrumental for me finding the energy and confidence I needed to leave that job and then move into my dream job which has been very satisfying for the last several years."  


"Most recently, Sallie helped me work through concerns I had about parenting, pregnancy and birth.  She helped me a great deal through my grieving of a lost pregnancy.  We worked through the trauma of my own birth and used EMDR to prepare for the birth of my daughter. I knew that I wanted to attempt natural childbirth, but was scared.  Sallie has an incredible amount of knowledge about childbirth.  Her support was crucial in my preparations for labor and delivery.  She also put me in touch with a fantastic childbirth educator. One of the most beneficial things I did to prepare for childbirth was practice yoga – I did this mainly because of Sallie's encouragement.  I know that the work that we did in preparation for parenting was so important for my transition into motherhood. I feel very satisfied and confident as a mother now."


"I recommend Sallie Robinson Ward with heartfelt enthusiasm. She provided effective, loving counseling to my son and our family. She was instrumental in healing and transforming a very painful and difficult experience into one that we could all look at and see the good that grew out of it. Her work is loving, supportive, skilled and effective."

Sallie Robinson Ward, Ph.D. has more than 25 years of experience working with groups and individuals. She uniquely blends traditional and non-traditional psychotherapy with ancient spiritual wisdom in the support of personal transformation. Her extensive training in mind-body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology and energy medicine combine together to form a heartfelt, grounded approach for healing.

People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't think that's what we're really seeking. I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance's within our innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive. Joseph Campbell