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Helpful Links

Brainspotting: www.biolateral.com

Soul Horse Journeys: www.soulhorsejourneys.org

Horse Facilitated work: www.eponaquest.com

Sharon Bringleson:  www.centerforhorsesandhealing.com

Kathy Pike: www.coachingwithhorses.com

Neuroscience and psychotherapy: www.drdansiegel.com

BodyTalk: www.bodytalksystem.com

Body-Mind Centering: www.bodymindcentering.com

EMDR: emdria.org

Non-violent Communication: www.CNVC.org

Hakomi: www.hakomiinstitute.com

The Heart of the Healer Foundation : www.heartofthehealer.org

Union of Polarities: www.unionofpolarities.com

Guy Finley: www.guyfinley.org

The Eagle and the Condor: www.JonetteCrowley.com

The Resonance Project: theresonanceproject.com

Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching: coachingwithhorses.com

PACT Couples Counseling: thepactinstitute.com