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Group for Women Dealing with Cancer

Nov. 5th - Dec. 15
Wednesdays from 1:30 - 3:00pm

Weekly group every Wednesday for eight sessions. Fee: $320. To register please send deposit of $40 to Sallie by Friday, September 7.

The group will select from yoga, writing, dream work, painting, body-centered awareness, creating a notebook of your journey, and deep personal process...all which helps maintain your perspective, meeting fear, laughing, crying, and allowing the process to be organic and alive.

• Receive relevant support outside your circle of family and friends.

• Receive knowledgeable guidance from a professional who has been through cancer treatment

• Know where your major stress is and how to meet yourself in order to choose differently

• Change the view of the body betraying you with illness to a paradigm of health

• Sharing resources from the wisdom source of the group

This is a support group that gathers the wisdom of its members in an atmosphere of co-creation at the level of soul.

• Living with cancer and yearning for the ability to stay connected with your healthy self in the midst of invasive treatment?

• Wanting to have the best personal perception and outlook while healing?

•Feeling the need to take care of "old business" that has gone unchecked?

•Working with stress... are you wanting to find more balance?

During treatment and recovery we all need support to move through the process gracefully with clear intent, and a circle of companions who "get it". Together we will get in-touch with our whole self, that which is reflective and contains the resources of the universe itself to develop a balanced, powerful perspective.

Ways of the Feminine

"The world will be saved by the Western woman"
Dali Lama 2009

Join a group of fearless women who explore themselves in the ways of deep trust.
Live life without hesitation. Create the union of polarities with Yin and Yang/ the masculine and feminine/ form and formless.

The Yin is like the low-lying water, the spirit of the valley. Yang is high-rising like hard rock, the spirit of the mountain.
The balance of the two is a powerful presence.

"Instead of feeling like a victim, we need to celebrate our strength. We have a lot of power that the world needs right now."
Past participant

Nonviolent Communication Peer Group

Using the powerful and practical "needs based" communication model.
Peers read and work from Marshal Rosenberg's materials and a workbook on a week-to-week basis. Group provides an opportunity to practice the simple process of speaking and listening using the basic guidelines of observation, feeling, need and request.

Weekly meetings provide practical application by allowing the practice of nonviolent communication with current life situations. Members learn how to support others to listen and speak compassionately as well.

For more information please go to www.CNVC.org

Need more information? Please contact Sallie at sallier1@aol.com